A downloadable tool for Windows

Combines an image file and an audio file into a webm video. I wonder why you would want to do that...

Update 4 - 2019.08.03
- Fixed some problems with text rendering.
- Fixed text input when using numpad keys.

Update 3 - 2019.07.25
- Changed font to a hopefully less noisy looking one.
- Changed default audio bitrate from 128 to 192.
- Made the program work better with file paths that have spaces in them (for example "C:\Some Folder\").
- Other small tweaks and improvements to the "engine" which should make it feel smoother and less weird.

Update 2 - 2019.07.15
- Increased font size to make it less hard to read on some monitors.
- Added an option to specify if and how to scale image.
- Webm name text can now be edited.
- Fixed text wrapping so long words don't get clipped out.
- Fixed a problem where you couldn't make a webm using audio that's in use by another program (e.g. playing in music player).


Install instructions

RECOMMENDED: get the file that says "YESffmpeg".

Advanced note: If you already have ffmpeg installed and it works from the command prompt, get the "NOffmpeg" version. The 2 versions are actually identical, the other one just has ffmpeg.exe included in the folder. The program will look for ffmpeg from there, and if not found it will use the plain 'ffmpeg' command. You can also update the program by getting the NOffmpeg version and merging the files.

NOTE: filenames and paths that contain unicode characters (for example Japanese or Russian characters) will probably not work. If you get question marks in the file names, it may not work.


AudioToWebm_4_YESffmpeg.zip 20 MB
AudioToWebm_4_NOffmpeg.zip 97 kB


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Very useful, thank you! Although it crashes randomly sometimes...

Would it be possible to make the "Full ffmpeg command" field copy-friendly? Also, could there be an option to export as MP4?

What do you do when it crashes? It'll be easier to find the problem if I know when it happens.

I can add both of those, but I'm currently in the middle of rewriting all of my code so I can support non-english characters (filenames with Japanese/Russian/etc text), so it'll be a while before I can update.

Great !!! this is really awesome, love this kind of tools !!!