Kana trainer I made for myself once upon a time.

You will get one or more Japanese characters, and you must type the Latin lettering in the box. For example if you get "かんあ", you must type "kana" as the answer. (か=ka, ん=n, あ=a)

If you open the hiragana/katagana character lists, you can disable/enable which characters can appear for you. This way you can practice with a small number of characters at a time, so you won't get overwhelmed. Later you can include more characters, and increase the character count in order to get more proficient at reading many characters.

v.1.1 (2018.09.27): Rewrote the whole program. Mainly of polishing. Answer now appears below the characters.

v??? (future plans): Add composite characters, for example "きゃ" = "kya", "ろっく" = "rokku", etc. Maybe do something for Kanji.



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Simple  but useful tool!